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If you’ve ever experienced the frustration and lack of one-on-one attention that comes from working with a corporate staffing agency, you will understand the passion and driving force behind what makes Atlanta’s Finest Staffing a unique and refreshing change from the typical “take a number and have a seat” mentality.

After years of working for one of the largest international staffing firms, Carol Smith couldn’t help but notice that clients were not given the specialized attention needed to deliver qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. Due to the volume of work, there were often time delays and deadline pushbacks, ultimately costing the client more money.

In 1987, Carol decided it was time for a change. Time to turn this whole staffing thing around and put the focus back on the client – where it was meant to be all along. And with this new direction, Atlanta’s Finest Staffing opened it’s doors.

The goal was simple: build long term relationships with clients by providing them outstanding candidates quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and money. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

At Atlanta’s Finest Staffing, our passion is simply to help. Help our clients find the perfect candidate for their specific workforce needs. Help candidates find the ideal position in which their talents and abilities can thrive. And help restore the security and stability of American jobs, one case at a time.

Carol Smith
Senior Recruiter
Chris Smith
Senior Recruiter
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Senior Recruiter
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Recruitment Specialist
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